Samurai Packaged Noodle

Enjoy the restaurant quality RAMEN at home !

Samurai Packaged noodle

All our Japanese style Ramen come with freshly boiled selected noodles -men- in our original soup. Enjoy Original Recipe melting roasted pork belly and bamboo Menma as a topping. Spring onion, egg, bean sprout and sea weed are also great combinations for extra toppings. Open since 2003 and we are still standing stronger than ever. Thanks to all customers for supporting Samurai Bowl through the Canterbury Earthquake 2011.

Pork & Soy sauce flavored noodle

Pork&Soy sauce flavored noodle

THE original Samurai Bowl’s Ramen noodles. Slow cooked pork broth and soy sauce combination makes this ramen so special and tasty. The best choice for the Ramen beginners. One of the most  popular ramen flavored in Japan.

Spicy Miso flavored noodle

Spicy Miso Flavoured noodles

The most popular ramen noodles in Samurai Bowl. The soup has so much flavor and a punch of spice, highly recommended to serve with some vegetables on top as well. You can’t stop eating this noodles!

Tonkotsu flavored noodle

Tonkotsu Flavoured noodles

Extra slow cooked pork broth and all other kind of vegetable extracts are mixed in this deep flavored soup. A slice of roasted pork topping will melt in your mouth with this superb ramen noodles.



Place UNOPENED frozen packets of soup and toppings in a medium pan with 1l of boiling water on high for 5 minutes.


Take both packets out of the boiling water. Caution all packets are hot, handle with care.
Open the noodles packet and put into boiling water. Separate noodles thoroughly then boil them on medium or low temperatures for 2 minutes. Open soup packet and put in a bowl. Place toppings packet aside.


Drain the noodles and open the packets of soup and toppings then thoroughly mix together in the bowl.


Decorate with the toppings on top. Enjoy! (Serving option : Spring onions, seaweed, eggs, bean sprout etc. )

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