Japanese Chef / Waitstaff Wanted

We are looking for a Chef,an Experienced Cook or a waitstaff to join our awesome team.
* Basic Japanese language skill is required.
* Flexibility – able to work a variety of shifts
If you are interested, please send your CV to this email address:

(574 Colombo St)
(501 Wairakei Rd)

To find out more about the food on offer at SamuraiBowl visit: Samurai bowl

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.

Samurai Bowl Japanese Restaurant では、フルタイムのシェフ,キッチンハンド、ホールスタッフを募集しております。

*時給$15.75~$25.00 経験、能力により応相談。昇給あり。

Colombo branch : samuraichch@icloud.com
5/574 Colombo St,Christchurch Central

Wairakei branch : wairakei@samuraibowl.co.nz
5/501 Wairakei Rd

Japanese restaurant Samuai Bowl Open

Packaged Ramen Noodles – Enjoy the restaurant quality RAMEN at home !

Samurai Package noodle All our Japanese style Ramen come with freshly boiled selected noodles -men- in our original soup. Enjoy Original Recipe melting roasted pork belly and bamboo Menma as a topping. Spring onion, egg, bean sprout and sea weed are also great combinations for extra toppings.

Taste of Japan that you will remember

Welcome to Japanese Restaurant Samurai Bowl

Are you familiar with Sushi, Sashimi, Kara-age and Ramen?

Introducing a casual style Japanese Restaurant “Samurai Bowl” in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Unlike high class cuisine type fine dinning, Samurai Bowl provides the real taste of Japanese at an affordable price.
From Samurai Bowl’s famous Ramen noodles to fresh Sashimi, every customer would enjoy the traditional Japanese food and friendly atmosphere.


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