Japanese Street Food

Three Street Foods to Enjoy in Japan

Japan is undoubtedly a sensory wonderland for food lovers. While the street food industry is still at its early stages, the few stalls available live up to Japan’s reputation of having some of the most sumptuous and nutritious dishes.

If you want to have some dishes on the street, several small stalls known as yatai can be found in busy streets or festivals. Street food vendors offer a tasty selection of on-the-go dishes. That said, here are some common street eats in Japan.


Takoyaki is a gooey ball-shaped snack made from wheat flour, chopped octopus, tempura scraps, ginger, and green onions. This food is served hot and is unbelievably tasty.


You can never miss Kushiten when asked to mention the best Japanese street dishes with global popularity. This skewered Japanese cake is made from a white fish paste that is steamed and deep-fried until it gets firm.


Senbei is a savoury sweet rice cracker in Japanese streets. It is served in different sizes, shapes, and flavours. The senbei has a distinct flavour that will certainly keep you yearning for more.

A Closer Look at Japanese Street Food Trends

Almost every country you visit has an eatery on the street. As far as the street food industry goes, the street food phrase is always synonymous with Vietnam and Thailand. However, the Japanese street food industry remains relatively low, mainly because Japan does not have a pronounced street food culture.

If you happen to take a walk in Tokyo or Osaka, you will notice that the street food industry is not that prominent. The term “Japanese Street Food” does not fit the true definition of classic street food, where you have thousands lining up in outdoor carts or stalls waiting to have their favourite dish served.

Why is street food not popular in Japan? Perhaps, Japanese etiquette is one reason why the street food industry is still in its infancy. However, things are slowly changing to accommodate this “concept.” In Tokyo, for instance, it is common to see people eating while taking a stroll. If you are at a place where eating while walking is not allowed, it is best to stop, enjoy your food, and go about your business after eating.