A Closer Look at Japanese Street Food Trends

Almost every country you visit has an eatery on the street. As far as the street food industry goes, the street food phrase is always synonymous with Vietnam and Thailand. However, the Japanese street food industry remains relatively low, mainly because Japan does not have a pronounced street food culture.

If you happen to take a walk in Tokyo or Osaka, you will notice that the street food industry is not that prominent. The term “Japanese Street Food” does not fit the true definition of classic street food, where you have thousands lining up in outdoor carts or stalls waiting to have their favourite dish served.

Why is street food not popular in Japan? Perhaps, Japanese etiquette is one reason why the street food industry is still in its infancy. However, things are slowly changing to accommodate this “concept.” In Tokyo, for instance, it is common to see people eating while taking a stroll. If you are at a place where eating while walking is not allowed, it is best to stop, enjoy your food, and go about your business after eating.

By Magnus

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