Survival Tips for Vegans in Japan

If you have been to Japan before, you might be alive to the fact that this country is generally not vegan friendly. Most foods served in this country are loaded with fish, poultry, rice, legumes, and vegetables, with some minor dairy additions. Although Japanese cuisine is known to be loaded with vegetables, it remains that being vegan in Japan can be pretty challenging.

If the general dietary practices are to go, it is no brainer than Vegetarians, if any, make a meagre fraction of the general population. The vegans in Japan tend to embrace the vegan lifestyle for health reasons and not cultural influences.

Dashi accompanies almost every meal served in Japan practically makes it impossible to be a vegan. Dashi granules could be made from seaweed sources, but it is also loaded with dried fish flakes. It is also worth noting that most regular diets contain niboshi or dried fish.

The best option for any vegan visiting Japan is to eat at a vegan restaurant. However, if you intend to stay in Japan for a long time, it is best to prepare your food using vegan sources. Best of all, there are plenty of interesting vegetables for a vegan.

By Magnus

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